The Unheard Nation

is an interactive documentary that reveals how an imperial legacy has and still does, affect the lives of Native Papuans across the world. Colonialism, oppression, and human rights violations are sadly still the daily reality for many Papuans in West Papua. The Republic of Indonesia has occupied the land and treated its people unfairly and unjustly for decades without any international repercussions.

Call to action
This documentary is aimed at creating awareness among the many people that are not familiar with West Papua or its history. This starts, first and foremost, with listening to those who have been screaming  for help but remained unheard. You, the visitor, just took the first step in helping raise awareness by listening to their stories. If this documentary has made an impact and you want to help, you can do so in several ways:

Back story
The Unheard Nation is an initiative by Rotterdam based digital artist Niels Hofsteenge. He came in contact with the Papuan culture through his in-law family, the Koerni family. They fled to the Netherlands in 1994 after Demmy Koerni, his in-law father, was forced to flee because members of the Mambesak musical group, which he was a apart of, were being murdered by the Indonesian police. For more information on this listen to the story of Demmy Koerni, or the story of Raki Ap, the youngest son of murdered Mambesak member Arnold Ap.

After being welcomed with open arms and hearing their stories Niels was shocked and surprised that he never heard of the country, despite the undeniable shared history with the Netherlands. Asking around offline and online made him realize that he was not the only one. This motivated him to collect and publish the stories that you've listened to.

A special thanks goes out to those who helped throughout the project and bravely shared their story:

Raki Ap

Piet Bots

Esther Haluk

Demmy Koerni

Rosa Moiwend

Nancy Jouwe

Dicky Ignasius Takndare

Concept & design:     Niels Hofsteenge
Voice over:     Demmy Koerni
Transcript writing:     Demmy Koerni & Niels Hofsteenge

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